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It wells up in my heart; from my heart
My eyes start to water
Ready to fall across my face

I feel it - in my eyes
I see it beginning to water

It’s my heart and what it is feeling
It is my heart flowing through my eyes
In the form of tears

Water coming out of my heart
Pouring through my eyes

Ugh! Quick!!! Wipe your tears 
(I say to myself)
I don’t want anyone to see
I don’t want anyone to know

What my heart speaks through my tears…

Everyone has an opinion:
personal view: the view somebody takes about an issue, especially when it is based solely on personal judgment
estimation: a view regarding the worth of somebody or something
expert view: an expert assessment of something

But not everyone BELIEVES:
accept something as true: to accept that something is true or real
accept somebody as truthful: to accept that somebody is telling the truth
credit somebody with something: to accept that somebody or something has a particular quality or ability

I would rather you BELIEVE IN ME, instead of having an OPINION OF ME! So instead of judging me (based on your opinion), how about you accept me because you believe in me and who I am. To do that, you’ve got to get to know the ‘real’ me. Not the me of the past, but the me of today, of the NOW, of the Present!

This year is about moving forward, making changes, pressing toward the mark of the high call of God through Christ Jesus on my life, running the race, fighting the good fight, making a difference, inspiring, encouraging, and building up.  It’s about mentoring, discipleship, teaching, helping, assisting, doing, not just talking, sharing, not just waiting to receive.  To set hearts on fire with the love and passion of God.  To ignite, set fire to, fan the flame to visions and dreams that burned out, or are simmering, waiting for that breath of God to stir it all up again to bring it to its fullness and completeness <3  So tell me, what kind of IMPACT do you want to make for Jesus through your life in this world?  I want to impact the world for Him, by Him, because of Him.  Let’s go pass the fire of God, and set the world ablaze for Him with His love, His passion, all that is Him and is of Him. <3  So who’s up for an adventure for Yeshua, for Jesus? <3

Let Your Fire Fall, fresh Fire Lord, come and consume us, passion us, set us aflame with You.

Why would you even want to draw near to me Lord, for I am but a sinner doused with the muck and mire of self and the world’s immoral pollution? And yet, Your word says, that if I (choose to by faith to) draw near to You, that You will draw near to me. If this is true Lord, then here I am… moving toward You in the hopes that You will meet me right where I am.


The Reminding Word for today is: HUMBLE OUT… HUMILITY. We can be so “on fire” for God, called, anointed, appointed, set apart, consecrated, gifted, positioned, be in the service of the Lord, be in the 5-fold ministry, we can be right where God needs us to be…. but if we are not moving in the HUMILITY and LOVE of YESHUA MESSIAH… we’re gonna fall, we’re gonna crash, we’re gonna burn… ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT KEYS GOD HAS SHOWN ME AND GIVEN ME…(thank you my Jesus), is the mantle of the humility of Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit continues to work me, because I am a work of God’s love in progress and I present and represent Him because i love Him and He loves me…♥ ♥ ♥ Be encouraged my brothers and sisters in Christ… for He has you in the palm of His hand, as He continues to process His love in you and through you, so that He can use you in the “fullness of Jesus” according to His glory. Amen and Amen.


Help!!! Is anybody out there?

Can anyone hear me?

I’m lost… in this abyss

This darkness; I cannot see

For there is no light

No flame or fire

To guide me out of my demise

Or dreary existence

The drugs don’t help

The alcohol only intensifies

The pain is unbearable

The loneliness, the heartache

Help?  Is anybody out there?

Can anyone hear me?

I don’t know where to go?

I don’t know where I’m headed?

I cannot see what is in front of me

I only hear the voices

Those awful voices

That taunt me, tease me

Convince me, that I’m not worth it.

I’m not worth knowing

I’m not worth anyone’s time

No one cares about you

No one loves you

No one needs you

Help me, please!!!  Is anybody out there?

Can anyone hear me?

I’m drowning. I’m suffocating?

I’m dying?  I can’t breathe…

Is there no one who cares

About me, what happens to me

If I live, or if I die

Help!!! Can anybody save me?

Anyone?  Someone?  


Jesus, are you there?

They said You would be, if I called to You?  Are you? Really?

Lord?  Are you there?

Please… I need You

I don’t know where to go? (crying desperately)

(silence…. and then a light begins to break through the darkness and wraps me with hope, a confident assurance that it will be okay…

…and then a voice, gentle as a dove, warm  as the sun, sweet as honey, reassuring as day and night touches my heart)

I AM…I am here… take My hand for My word declares:

Anyone who calls on the name of the Lord shall be saved!

And this day  I have come… to save you… because I love you

You are not alone… I am here~

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