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Truly I am learning about me, about myself..knowing who I am, knowing about me, knowing who Christ is in me and through me.  Looking into the deepness of me… it makes me nervous.; but I know my God is with me,

through the process, through the revelations, through this journey.

I’m recognizing things abut me, but I know I’m not alone…

My Lord and my God is with me, every step of the way through my journey of freedom.  For whom the Son sets free, is free indeed!  

Everyone has an opinion:
personal view: the view somebody takes about an issue, especially when it is based solely on personal judgment
estimation: a view regarding the worth of somebody or something
expert view: an expert assessment of something

But not everyone BELIEVES:
accept something as true: to accept that something is true or real
accept somebody as truthful: to accept that somebody is telling the truth
credit somebody with something: to accept that somebody or something has a particular quality or ability

I would rather you BELIEVE IN ME, instead of having an OPINION OF ME! So instead of judging me (based on your opinion), how about you accept me because you believe in me and who I am. To do that, you’ve got to get to know the ‘real’ me. Not the me of the past, but the me of today, of the NOW, of the Present!

Persistent/Persistence: Continuing firmly, pressing forward or toward a goal; to complete or fulfill a vision (purpose), or course of action in spite of difficulty or opposition.

Phil 3:14- I press (persist/forging ahead) toward the mark (goal, fulfilling, completion) for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus.

When we persist we learn to be consistent. We are purposed on fulfilling God’s call and destiny on our lives for the glory and the advancement of His Kingdom. We become tenacious in our faith and trust in our God, His Word and His will. 

When the storms are raging, the winds are blowing and the rain is pouring; we need to know, believe and trust that Jesus, Lord and Savior, is our Shield. He protects us, veils us, covers us, and strengthens us to keep pressing, to keep walking, to keep running, to keep fighting the good fight. 

We are kept safe and secure in Him. That in spite of what we are challenged with, we know that He is with us and for us. For no weapon formed against us in any form or fashion shall prosper. For greater is He that is in us, then he who is in the world. And if He be for us, then who can be against us.

Because He is our God and King; our Savior and Redeemer; our Commander and Chief; our Everything, our All and all. Let us keep pressing, persevering, being consistent in God’s purpose in our lives for the Kingdom is at hand… 

Jesus IS coming. Amen and Amen

Jesus crushed Satan under His feet.  So when we go through things that the enemy throws our way, put him under your feet with the authority that is yours through Christ Jesus!  Remember:  Jesus is for you, not against you.  And no weapon formed against you will prosper in any form or fashion, for greater is He that is in you, than he who is in the world.

Amen and Amen!!!

How do you enjoy Valentine’s Day when most of your adult life, you have been told that it is just another day.  And then when your loved one gives you flowers, chocolate and a card, they tell you that they were forced to get it for you. ugh!  Where’s the love, I mean the real, true love that comes from the heart of God through the one in your life?

Only our Lord and God can love us unconditionally, and without measure… because He is our True Love <3

This story is from a woman I met several years ago.  I hope this will encourage women who have experienced what she experienced including the loving grace of God. <3

His name would have probably been Isaac, and his brother, possibly Jacob, and their youngest sister, Rachel.  Some women have one abortion, maybe two, but three is unheard of.  And yet, she had three of them.  Each decision was faced alone.  No one was there to support her, help her or encourage her.  Words like disappointed, how could you, what were you thinking, I’m not ready to be a Dad kept going around and around in her mind.  But with each decision, her heart was breaking.  It went against what she believed, however, she couldn’t even go to the one place that could’ve prayed for her, helped her, or would have been there for her.  She couldn’t even go to her Pastors.

Why?  Because she grew up in Church, and girls who go to Church don’t get pregnant.  She had lost her way.  And there was no one left in her life that understood her. Once these decisions were done she hid herself in booze, drugs, and me… trying to hide her hurt, her pain, her shame, for those decisions she made; trying to hide in the darkness that consumed her, because she couldn’t see the light that would save her from her own guilt-ridden destruction.

She wondered if her aborted children would forgive her, would her children love her, would God forgive her, did He love her, could she even forgive herself.  She wondered how they would look like, what they would do with their life, how they would impact others in their life.  She envisioned the colors of their hair, their eyes, and the passion in their hearts.  Would they be teachers, musicians or dancers; would they be doctors, humanitarians, or in the military?  Would they love life, love people, or love animals?  What would their aspirations be, what would their struggles be?  Would they know that Mom and Dad would always be there for them, and love them?

Well, her life would go on, she would marry one day and have children, be a soccer mom, and do all the things that moms are capable of doing for their family, but every now and then, she remembers, and thinks about them.  Hoping that the day she goes to Heaven, that they will be there with open arms waiting to hug her, greet her, love her, in spite of the decisions she made to stop God’s life plan for them.

You see, God’s word says that He watches us as we are formed in our mother’s womb.  That for each life, there is a plan that He has created before the foundation of time.  But when we decide to stop that plan, we forfeit their presence in this world to be loved, to know love, to be and become who God destined for them to be.  We eliminate the opportunity for them to fulfill that life plan created just for them.

In time she finally learned how to forgive herself with the grace of God, and she even surrendered her self and allowed God to forgive her.  Now, as she lives according to God’s plan for her life, she patiently waits for the day when she heads home to Heaven, to see her children.  She longs for the day when her children will say:  We love you Mom, and we forgive you. 

We look at the chaos, and we say: Why God?

We look at the disasters, and say: What did we do wrong?

We look at the wars, pestilence, famines and more, and we say: Why has God abandoned us?

God really didn’t abandon us, we abandoned Him…

When will we step up and own it?  

2 Chronicles 7:14

King James Version (KJV)

14 If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land

The past 24 hours took every ounce of my faith in God. And God, He is so amazing. He always has a miracle, a promise ready to fulfill, an prayer answered… we, just need to hold on and trust in Him completely, absolutely, most definitely.

God has a miracle for you… I promise… but most importantly, He promises… because His word to you, doesn’t come back empty, null or void, but He fulfills it for His glory and for your life.

That salvation He promised for your love one, it’s there.
That relationship He promised to heal, it’s done.
That situation He promised would be settled, completed.
That provision He promised to you, it’s here.

What God promises, He fulfills for the glory and honor of His most precious name.  We just need to ignite our faith in Him and BELIEVE ~

‎”If you DARE TO BELIEVE, it is POWERFUL. God wants us to be powerful, a people of faith, a purified people, a people who will launch out in God and DARE TO TRUST HIM in glorious faith which always takes us beyond that which is commonplace to an ABIDING PLACE IN GOD.” Smiths Wigglesworth, A Living Faith, Glad Tidings Herald (New York City), February 1935.

DO YOU DARE… TO BELIEVE, TO TRUST IN HIM, WHO IS OUR LORD AND GOD? By faith Lord God, I dare to believe!!! We dare to BELIEVE!!!

Would you lay down your life, your dreams, your heart for another who is in need, who is desperate, who is lonely, feeling abandoned?  Would you give a meal for the hungry?  would you give your jacket for one who is cold?  Would you share Jesus with the lost, forlorn and hurting?  

Would you? Shall you? Will you?

Yes, my Lord… I would, I shall, I will…. because I LOVE YOU!!!

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