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Transparency takes courage; because you have to choose by faith in God to look deep inside your heart and mind, and face those dark memories, those dark emotions and allow the light of Christ, to bring you through it. Though I walk through the valley of death (darkness) I will fear no evil (for God did not give us the spirit of fear) for you Lord God are with me, every step of the way of this transformation and the processing of my freedom through Christ Jesus.

This year is about moving forward, making changes, pressing toward the mark of the high call of God through Christ Jesus on my life, running the race, fighting the good fight, making a difference, inspiring, encouraging, and building up.  It’s about mentoring, discipleship, teaching, helping, assisting, doing, not just talking, sharing, not just waiting to receive.  To set hearts on fire with the love and passion of God.  To ignite, set fire to, fan the flame to visions and dreams that burned out, or are simmering, waiting for that breath of God to stir it all up again to bring it to its fullness and completeness <3  So tell me, what kind of IMPACT do you want to make for Jesus through your life in this world?  I want to impact the world for Him, by Him, because of Him.  Let’s go pass the fire of God, and set the world ablaze for Him with His love, His passion, all that is Him and is of Him. <3  So who’s up for an adventure for Yeshua, for Jesus? <3

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