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Rise Up Warriors In the Army of Jesus

People are wondering why America is in dire straits. Take a look around… we have become so complacent to what is right and wrong in our nation. What is right, is no longer right, and what is wrong has become acceptable.

When the Head of the Nation condones and promotes unrighteousness, you know we are in a battle… spiritual warfare…. RISE UP WARRIORS… Keep pressing in and forward for the Kingdom of God and His righteousness to be established. 

Our Nation is being overturned by the demonic strongholds that have been given the right to stay and do whatever they want. The Jezebel spirit and her off-spring is running rampant in and throughout our Nation, because of the Headship of our Nation. Enough is Enough!!! 

We need to take back territory in the Name of Jesus our Lord and Savior, our Commander and Chief. We need to apply, appropriate, plead, cleanse with the Blood of Jesus Christ. The Blood that redeems, cleanses, makes right, destroys the works of the devil, and makes whole. 

Our Nation is in the midst of a spiritual battle… let us rise up Warriors in the Army of Jesus Christ, putting on the full armor of God, moving in one faith, one heartbeat, on Lord, and press toward the mark of the high calling of God through Christ Jesus on our lives and establish the victory of the Cross in our Nation.

God is sounding the call, He is sounding the trumpet. Are we ready to answer? Are we willing to answer? He is gathering His troops to pray, intercede, do spiritual warfare, and establish His kingdom of righteousness. They have been trained and equipped, anointed and appointed, set apart and consecrated… 

Can you hear it? It is the sound of God calling… it is the sound of Yeshua coming… it is the sound of Holy Spirit moving… it is the sound of VICTORY!!! Amen Lord, Amen!!!


Father, tomorrow is National Day of Prayer. And throughout the United States of America, we come to you with our prayers, petitions, supplications and intercessions. We come to You with our needs, our desires and every area that is in desperation of Your divine intervention. And yet Father, how many times have we come to You as a nation asking for Your protection, Your provision, Your peace and took all of that for granted. How many times have we come Father, seeking Your hand and not Your heart? How many times have we allowed men to dictate and not allow You to truly be established in our nation? How many times Father have we let You down?

Forgive us as a nation Father, for allowing unrighteousness, immorality, and selfishness to lead the way. Forgive us Father, for allowing mammon to be the heartbeat of this nation and not You. Forgive us Father, for not speaking up sooner, but waiting on someone else to speak, as not to offend anyone, or any organization, or any denomination. Forgive us Father, for not putting You first in all that we do as a nation, and for trusting more in man, than in a leader who truly is righteous, honest and of Your heart. 

Father, we ask that You would saturate our nation in the purifying, cleansing, purging blood of Jesus Christ. That You would wash every area, under every place, over every building, every business, every school, every city, every town, every State, every County, every family Lord… that You would not leave any place in our Nation untouched by the cleansing, redeeming, powerful blood of Jesus Christ. Let Your blood Lord, do the work that needs to be done in our Nation and throughout our Nation.

Release Your warring angels and protecting angels throughout our Nation, battling the enemy as we continue to pray, intercede and do spiritual warfare… for if one in faith sends a thousand of the enemy to flight, and two send ten thousand to flight, I can only imagine how a nation, truly one nation under God, in faith can send millions of the enemy to flight, as the angels do battle for Your glory.

Surround our Nation with a hedge of fire of protection, the bloodline of Jesus Christ, a garrison of Your mighty angels, and place Your hoopa Lord over us, with the banner of Yeshua Messiah, Jesus Christ, established over our Nation as we declare that You are our Lord and King… and a Nation that makes God our dwelling shall be safe.

Your word declares that no weapon (in any form or fashion) shall prosper, for if You be for us, who can be against us, because greater is He that is in us than he who is in this world.

My Lord and my God, have Your most perfect and precious way with our Nation, because of those who stand fast in faith, trusting in You… our God, our King, our Commander and Chief, our Savior, our Everything. To you Lord, may all the glory be given, for there is no other God like You. We entrust our Nation and its people into Your hands, and may we find shelter beneath Your Almighty wings and in the sanctuary of Your heart.

We love you Lord… I love you Lord… may Your perfect will be done on Earth as it is in heaven, now and forever… in the name of Yeshua Messiah, Jesus Christ, Amen and Amen!!! ♥ ♥ ♥

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