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Humility is the key to walking, living, loving and moving in this life, until we get to go home to glory. Humility opens the door to love God, love ourselves and love others. Stay the course, don’t let the enemy, others, or self persuade you to believe you are not worth loving or encouraging in the Lord. Only we can choose what walk we take. You are at a crossroad. You will either choose the world or the Kingdom of God. You will either choose faith or doubt. You will either choose loving without measure or loving with condition. You will either choose Christ or the devil. You will either choose eternal separation from God or unity in Him. The choice will always be yours. It will always be ours. The only way to make that choice, is with faith, because you realize not only do you love Him, but more importantly, THAT HE LOVES YOU.

Be strong and courageous in your faith and love in God, and make the choice. Because our Lord and God, CHOSE YOU.

We can get so irritated, aggravated, down right annoyed with the behavior and attitudes of others. ¬†And yet, I wonder… could it be, that God uses them to check our hearts, so that there is only Him, and not the world, or self, or the enemy within.

Just like David, let our prayer be: Examine us, re-examine us, cross examine us… and check our hearts Lord, for we truly are a work of Your love in progress.

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