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Pursue Him… He is more than worthy of your praise, your adoration, your honor, your worship, your heart, your breath, your life, your song, your everything. Pursue Him… passionately, lovingly, tenderly, sweetly, with all that is pure and holy, in spirit and in truth… for HE IS HOLY… and so worthy of all that we have to offer Him. For as He was our drink offering, let us be His drink offering, pouring out our love and our all, for the One who is our ALL. Hallelujah, thank you Jesus, you are worthy, of all honor, you are worthy of all praise. Here we are Lord, giving hearts and breath and life…. for You are worthy of the glory and the praise. It’s all about You Lord, all for You Lord, I surrender to Your love, as I pursue You and the rhythm of Your heart… for it calls me ever closer, ever deeper, ever higher into the One who loves me eternally. ♥

‎”If you DARE TO BELIEVE, it is POWERFUL. God wants us to be powerful, a people of faith, a purified people, a people who will launch out in God and DARE TO TRUST HIM in glorious faith which always takes us beyond that which is commonplace to an ABIDING PLACE IN GOD.” Smiths Wigglesworth, A Living Faith, Glad Tidings Herald (New York City), February 1935.

DO YOU DARE… TO BELIEVE, TO TRUST IN HIM, WHO IS OUR LORD AND GOD? By faith Lord God, I dare to believe!!! We dare to BELIEVE!!!

And so I thirst for the Living Waters that fill me, refresh me, quench me, My soul longs for you, thirsts for you, desires you,…. for your LIVING waters fill me beyond my satisfaction, they fill me eternally. ♥ You my Lord, are my Living Water. The pureness of You, saturates, permeates, consumes my soul and all that I am ♥ ♥ ♥ 

As a deer pants for the water, so my soul longs for you my Lord and my God.

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