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Depression is not selfish. It is dark, consuming and destructive. it is like a snake slithering in and out of our brain, like voices in the dark, sabotaging our life with emotions that wave in and out, cresting and breaking in our soul. IT IS NOT SELFISH but DESTRUCTIVE.

What people in this situation need is love, support, prayer and encouragement. So unless you have experienced depression, anxiety or thoughts of suicide, your negative comments are like dust in the wind. @thedeepening at Instagram


Truly I am learning about me, about myself..knowing who I am, knowing about me, knowing who Christ is in me and through me.  Looking into the deepness of me… it makes me nervous.; but I know my God is with me,

through the process, through the revelations, through this journey.

I’m recognizing things abut me, but I know I’m not alone…

My Lord and my God is with me, every step of the way through my journey of freedom.  For whom the Son sets free, is free indeed!  

A few years ago, my granddaughters and I went to Subway’s Eat Fresh.  There was a man there, digging in the trash can, looking for food.  As we were walking in the door, I turned around and asked the man if he would like a sandwich.  He said that he would love one.  So I went in and got him a foot long tuna with all the veggies.  After I gave it to the man, we went on our way to eat our own lunches.  My oldest granddaughter said to me:  Why did you buy that man a sandwich?  You shouldn’t have.  I told her that Jesus said we should help where we can, even feeding someone.  She was so mad.  But as I explained to her, eventually she began to understand.  Mind you, she was around 7 years old at the time.  LISTEN:  All it takes is helping one life, to encourage you to help others.  JESUS said that when we help those in need we are doing it unto Him.  How else are we going to be an example to our children and grandchildren of what it is to love, to share, to give, to be an example and extension of His love?

Everyone has an opinion:
personal view: the view somebody takes about an issue, especially when it is based solely on personal judgment
estimation: a view regarding the worth of somebody or something
expert view: an expert assessment of something

But not everyone BELIEVES:
accept something as true: to accept that something is true or real
accept somebody as truthful: to accept that somebody is telling the truth
credit somebody with something: to accept that somebody or something has a particular quality or ability

I would rather you BELIEVE IN ME, instead of having an OPINION OF ME! So instead of judging me (based on your opinion), how about you accept me because you believe in me and who I am. To do that, you’ve got to get to know the ‘real’ me. Not the me of the past, but the me of today, of the NOW, of the Present!

This year is about moving forward, making changes, pressing toward the mark of the high call of God through Christ Jesus on my life, running the race, fighting the good fight, making a difference, inspiring, encouraging, and building up.  It’s about mentoring, discipleship, teaching, helping, assisting, doing, not just talking, sharing, not just waiting to receive.  To set hearts on fire with the love and passion of God.  To ignite, set fire to, fan the flame to visions and dreams that burned out, or are simmering, waiting for that breath of God to stir it all up again to bring it to its fullness and completeness <3  So tell me, what kind of IMPACT do you want to make for Jesus through your life in this world?  I want to impact the world for Him, by Him, because of Him.  Let’s go pass the fire of God, and set the world ablaze for Him with His love, His passion, all that is Him and is of Him. <3  So who’s up for an adventure for Yeshua, for Jesus? <3

In the darkness, I wonder, is there hope, is there joy, is the light?  For there are times when I cannot see my way out, of this abyss; yet my heart cries out, “Save me, please.  I don’t want to live in the darkness that seems to envelop me and keep me from rising up and moving out and forward in my life.  I can’t do it on my own.  Is there anyone out there?

And then in the stillness of my heart, I hear a voice, gentle, tender, merciful, loving… calling me, to come into the light.  And so I look up from the darkness and I see, a glimmer of light, a glimmer of hope… and as I continue to look at it, it begins to get brighter, larger; reaching toward me.  I reach out, hoping that the light will wrap itself around me and take me out of this darkness, this dreary disposition. And then I sense a warmth I have never known before, wrapping itself around me like a Father gathering a child into His arms, holding me, keeping me safe… and He takes me out of this darkness into a marvelous light… A light that is hope, faith and love all in One… because I realize the One who is holding me… is the True Light.  The One and Only Light that can and has saved me from the darkness.

Let Your Fire Fall, fresh Fire Lord, come and consume us, passion us, set us aflame with You.


P=pursue with purpose to reach (for your miracle)
U= pursue with the unction of the Holy Spirit with passion, fire and faith (passion your faith with fire to reach out for your miracle)
R= pursue with reverence unto God (for He is Holy)
S= pursue with a surrendered heart of love to God (if you are not absolutely surrendered, then you are not surrendered)
U= pursue with undeniable faith (is your faith testifying to others in your life)
E= pursue with everything that is within you. (everything means everything)

Listen: The woman with the issue of blood, pursued her Miracle (Jesus), through rejection, loneliness, being shunned, unloved and the pain, she pursued Him. She didn’t let anyone or anything stop her from receiving her miracle. 

Receive, understand, embrace and pursue the One who is ALL AND ALL, who is your MIRACLE ♥

Humility is the key to walking, living, loving and moving in this life, until we get to go home to glory. Humility opens the door to love God, love ourselves and love others. Stay the course, don’t let the enemy, others, or self persuade you to believe you are not worth loving or encouraging in the Lord. Only we can choose what walk we take. You are at a crossroad. You will either choose the world or the Kingdom of God. You will either choose faith or doubt. You will either choose loving without measure or loving with condition. You will either choose Christ or the devil. You will either choose eternal separation from God or unity in Him. The choice will always be yours. It will always be ours. The only way to make that choice, is with faith, because you realize not only do you love Him, but more importantly, THAT HE LOVES YOU.

Be strong and courageous in your faith and love in God, and make the choice. Because our Lord and God, CHOSE YOU.

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