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It wells up in my heart; from my heart
My eyes start to water
Ready to fall across my face

I feel it - in my eyes
I see it beginning to water

It’s my heart and what it is feeling
It is my heart flowing through my eyes
In the form of tears

Water coming out of my heart
Pouring through my eyes

Ugh! Quick!!! Wipe your tears 
(I say to myself)
I don’t want anyone to see
I don’t want anyone to know

What my heart speaks through my tears…

Humility is the key to walking, living, loving and moving in this life, until we get to go home to glory. Humility opens the door to love God, love ourselves and love others. Stay the course, don’t let the enemy, others, or self persuade you to believe you are not worth loving or encouraging in the Lord. Only we can choose what walk we take. You are at a crossroad. You will either choose the world or the Kingdom of God. You will either choose faith or doubt. You will either choose loving without measure or loving with condition. You will either choose Christ or the devil. You will either choose eternal separation from God or unity in Him. The choice will always be yours. It will always be ours. The only way to make that choice, is with faith, because you realize not only do you love Him, but more importantly, THAT HE LOVES YOU.

Be strong and courageous in your faith and love in God, and make the choice. Because our Lord and God, CHOSE YOU.

Burn Lord burn… set my heart ablaze with Your holy fire, with Your holy passion.  Baptize me, consume me, purge me, purify me… do what You desire to do in my heart, in the hidden chambers deep within.  Don’t leave me like this!  Don’t leave me to my own demise!  Don’t forsake me, abandon me or forget me… I can’t live without the passion of Your fire burning in me… the fire that not only burns the chaff, but comes to refine and purify what shall be for Your glory!  Absolute surrender to Your holy fire and passion, my Lord and my God <3

When we allow ourselves to see beyond the black and white of things, of life, of our perspective, we see with the colors that come from a God who spoke the color of life into all things.  For our God is a God of vibrant illumination (Light), and it is His LIGHT that captures our desire to see all things beautiful.  For He is BEAUTIFUL!  

This story is from a woman I met several years ago.  I hope this will encourage women who have experienced what she experienced including the loving grace of God. <3

His name would have probably been Isaac, and his brother, possibly Jacob, and their youngest sister, Rachel.  Some women have one abortion, maybe two, but three is unheard of.  And yet, she had three of them.  Each decision was faced alone.  No one was there to support her, help her or encourage her.  Words like disappointed, how could you, what were you thinking, I’m not ready to be a Dad kept going around and around in her mind.  But with each decision, her heart was breaking.  It went against what she believed, however, she couldn’t even go to the one place that could’ve prayed for her, helped her, or would have been there for her.  She couldn’t even go to her Pastors.

Why?  Because she grew up in Church, and girls who go to Church don’t get pregnant.  She had lost her way.  And there was no one left in her life that understood her. Once these decisions were done she hid herself in booze, drugs, and me… trying to hide her hurt, her pain, her shame, for those decisions she made; trying to hide in the darkness that consumed her, because she couldn’t see the light that would save her from her own guilt-ridden destruction.

She wondered if her aborted children would forgive her, would her children love her, would God forgive her, did He love her, could she even forgive herself.  She wondered how they would look like, what they would do with their life, how they would impact others in their life.  She envisioned the colors of their hair, their eyes, and the passion in their hearts.  Would they be teachers, musicians or dancers; would they be doctors, humanitarians, or in the military?  Would they love life, love people, or love animals?  What would their aspirations be, what would their struggles be?  Would they know that Mom and Dad would always be there for them, and love them?

Well, her life would go on, she would marry one day and have children, be a soccer mom, and do all the things that moms are capable of doing for their family, but every now and then, she remembers, and thinks about them.  Hoping that the day she goes to Heaven, that they will be there with open arms waiting to hug her, greet her, love her, in spite of the decisions she made to stop God’s life plan for them.

You see, God’s word says that He watches us as we are formed in our mother’s womb.  That for each life, there is a plan that He has created before the foundation of time.  But when we decide to stop that plan, we forfeit their presence in this world to be loved, to know love, to be and become who God destined for them to be.  We eliminate the opportunity for them to fulfill that life plan created just for them.

In time she finally learned how to forgive herself with the grace of God, and she even surrendered her self and allowed God to forgive her.  Now, as she lives according to God’s plan for her life, she patiently waits for the day when she heads home to Heaven, to see her children.  She longs for the day when her children will say:  We love you Mom, and we forgive you. 

When God gave us life, it truly was given for the pleasure of Him, and for His glory. When God gave us life, He gave it so that we might choose to have a relationship with Him, to get to know Him, not just know about Him. When God gave us life, He gave of Himself, so that we might have eternal salvation through His Son, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. When God gave us life, He gave us His heart, so that we would come to hear the rhythm of His heartbeat and the song in His heart for each one of us. When God gave us life, He gave us the most preciousness of Himself, that He might be glorified through our lives and in our lives unto Him. ♥

There are so many in the world who are obsessed, fixated, or just plain entertained by watching werewolves, vampires, witches and the like. These come through so many avenues such as: movies, television programs, and even animated. They make it seem fun and nothing is wrong with it.

LISTEN: These creations are representations of “demons”. DEMONS DO EXIST! 

Just like God’s angels… they exist, they are real. And yet, most people rather watch these demonic movies instead of watching encouraging, inspiring, faith movies of God and His Word, and our Lord Jesus Christ.

There are those in the Body of Christ, who let their kids watch or read, “Wizards of Waverly, Harry Potter” and some even let them watch, “The Walking Dead”. These kids go to Church with their families, learn about Jesus, and then when they get home or are out there in the world, they are “allowed” to watch these things thinking it’s okay… when it is not okay.

I don’t let my grandchildren watch these kinds of things at my house. I let them know the truth of God’s word, and I let them know what is okay and what is not okay with Jesus. It is OUR RESPONSIBILITY to share the truth of God’s word, and once shared, it is between them and God.


But who is going to share that TRUTH? I will Lord, because I love You, because You love them, because I love them. The question now is: WILL YOU?


MIND CONTROL and THOUGHT MANIPULATION is the fruit of BRAINWASHING. Brainwashing sets the stage for mind control and thought manipulation to come into play by means of influence, misinterpretation or exploitation. To manipulate means to influence or manage shrewdly or deviously through deceptions, false hope and even false happiness.

It is to misconstrue or misinterpret to bring misunderstanding about the true identity of who we are as God’s creation (how) by implementing lies that cause us to question our identity as: humans; as a man or as a woman; as individuals; and most importantly, questioning who we are in Christ and who He is in us.

Pursue Him… He is more than worthy of your praise, your adoration, your honor, your worship, your heart, your breath, your life, your song, your everything. Pursue Him… passionately, lovingly, tenderly, sweetly, with all that is pure and holy, in spirit and in truth… for HE IS HOLY… and so worthy of all that we have to offer Him. For as He was our drink offering, let us be His drink offering, pouring out our love and our all, for the One who is our ALL. Hallelujah, thank you Jesus, you are worthy, of all honor, you are worthy of all praise. Here we are Lord, giving hearts and breath and life…. for You are worthy of the glory and the praise. It’s all about You Lord, all for You Lord, I surrender to Your love, as I pursue You and the rhythm of Your heart… for it calls me ever closer, ever deeper, ever higher into the One who loves me eternally. ♥

The past 24 hours took every ounce of my faith in God. And God, He is so amazing. He always has a miracle, a promise ready to fulfill, an prayer answered… we, just need to hold on and trust in Him completely, absolutely, most definitely.

God has a miracle for you… I promise… but most importantly, He promises… because His word to you, doesn’t come back empty, null or void, but He fulfills it for His glory and for your life.

That salvation He promised for your love one, it’s there.
That relationship He promised to heal, it’s done.
That situation He promised would be settled, completed.
That provision He promised to you, it’s here.

What God promises, He fulfills for the glory and honor of His most precious name.  We just need to ignite our faith in Him and BELIEVE ~

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