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When we allow ourselves to see beyond the black and white of things, of life, of our perspective, we see with the colors that come from a God who spoke the color of life into all things.  For our God is a God of vibrant illumination (Light), and it is His LIGHT that captures our desire to see all things beautiful.  For He is BEAUTIFUL!  

God’s Got You.  Talking story with Lady Prophetess Phyllis Ramia on Hawaiian Heartlight in Honolulu, Hawaii.  Sharing word and testimony, especially to encourage the women in the Body of Christ.  No matter what we are going through, what we encounter, trials, tribulations, abuse, hurt, betrayal, abandonment, confusion, KNOW THAT GOD’S GOT YOU… in the palm of His hand and nothing and no one can snatch you from Him… because He loves you.

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