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Move along with Me- a step at a time, My Child. There are many exciting steps ahead. 

The steps of a good man or woman are ordered by the Lord. There will always be steps of joy and victory for you.

The KEY is to BE IN STEP with the Lord. As you step holy and sweetly and obediently in the Lord and in His Word, you will get in step with the Body of Christ, His people.

Step lively, My Child, in obedience when you hear My voice and know My word confirming -“step on.” Do not be depressed at the day we live in and the cruel steps the powerful people take in the world. KEEP in STEP with the Lord. Step in the LIGHT. Cover yourself with MY WORD. That’s YOUR ARMOR:

Remain in My sweet Spirit. I’ll give you wisdom and counsel in the night hours. Don’t let your heart faint in the days ahead. Be strong; be mighty and victorious in your God. Your steps are ordered aright by Me.

I love you

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