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Persistent/Persistence: Continuing firmly, pressing forward or toward a goal; to complete or fulfill a vision (purpose), or course of action in spite of difficulty or opposition.

Phil 3:14- I press (persist/forging ahead) toward the mark (goal, fulfilling, completion) for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus.

When we persist we learn to be consistent. We are purposed on fulfilling God’s call and destiny on our lives for the glory and the advancement of His Kingdom. We become tenacious in our faith and trust in our God, His Word and His will. 

When the storms are raging, the winds are blowing and the rain is pouring; we need to know, believe and trust that Jesus, Lord and Savior, is our Shield. He protects us, veils us, covers us, and strengthens us to keep pressing, to keep walking, to keep running, to keep fighting the good fight. 

We are kept safe and secure in Him. That in spite of what we are challenged with, we know that He is with us and for us. For no weapon formed against us in any form or fashion shall prosper. For greater is He that is in us, then he who is in the world. And if He be for us, then who can be against us.

Because He is our God and King; our Savior and Redeemer; our Commander and Chief; our Everything, our All and all. Let us keep pressing, persevering, being consistent in God’s purpose in our lives for the Kingdom is at hand… 

Jesus IS coming. Amen and Amen

Humility is the key to walking, living, loving and moving in this life, until we get to go home to glory. Humility opens the door to love God, love ourselves and love others. Stay the course, don’t let the enemy, others, or self persuade you to believe you are not worth loving or encouraging in the Lord. Only we can choose what walk we take. You are at a crossroad. You will either choose the world or the Kingdom of God. You will either choose faith or doubt. You will either choose loving without measure or loving with condition. You will either choose Christ or the devil. You will either choose eternal separation from God or unity in Him. The choice will always be yours. It will always be ours. The only way to make that choice, is with faith, because you realize not only do you love Him, but more importantly, THAT HE LOVES YOU.

Be strong and courageous in your faith and love in God, and make the choice. Because our Lord and God, CHOSE YOU.

Where is our faith in our Lord and God? In our King and Savior? Did Jesus not promise us that although there would be trials and tribulations, that we NEED TO BE OF GOOD CHEER, for He has OVERCOME THE WORLD! Has means it is done. IT IS FINISHED!!! So let us hold on to Jesus, the Author and Finisher of our faith, our Commander and Chief, our Lord and God! Let us hold on to THE PROMISE that we are His, and His banner and protection is over us.

REMEMBER: if Jesus overcame, and He lives in us, than we are OVERCOMERS! We, by faith, need to be determined not to look at the situation, but to look and focus on the ONE who overcame so many obstacles and situations, so that we would be set free from the bondages of the enemy. The enemy battles us in our mind, IF we let him. IF we give him permission. Let us CHOOSE not to let him battle us in our minds, but let us hold onto the mind of Christ that is ours, knowing that God turns around what the enemy meant for harm, for good, to those who love Him. Do we not love our God? If so, then let us surrender our concerns and press toward the mark of the high calling of God through Christ Jesus on our lives.

How shall we be a testimony of our awesome God, unless we pass the test? The test that reveals our God is an awesome God!!! And nothing passes Him by, because He is omnipresent, omnipotent and omniscient. That is why HE IS GOD, and we are not! I love you Lord, You are my great and mighty King, the One who is my Destiny and Eternity!!! ♥ ♥ ♥

Jesus crushed Satan under His feet.  So when we go through things that the enemy throws our way, put him under your feet with the authority that is yours through Christ Jesus!  Remember:  Jesus is for you, not against you.  And no weapon formed against you will prosper in any form or fashion, for greater is He that is in you, than he who is in the world.

Amen and Amen!!!

When God gave us life, it truly was given for the pleasure of Him, and for His glory. When God gave us life, He gave it so that we might choose to have a relationship with Him, to get to know Him, not just know about Him. When God gave us life, He gave of Himself, so that we might have eternal salvation through His Son, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. When God gave us life, He gave us His heart, so that we would come to hear the rhythm of His heartbeat and the song in His heart for each one of us. When God gave us life, He gave us the most preciousness of Himself, that He might be glorified through our lives and in our lives unto Him. ♥

Pursue Him… He is more than worthy of your praise, your adoration, your honor, your worship, your heart, your breath, your life, your song, your everything. Pursue Him… passionately, lovingly, tenderly, sweetly, with all that is pure and holy, in spirit and in truth… for HE IS HOLY… and so worthy of all that we have to offer Him. For as He was our drink offering, let us be His drink offering, pouring out our love and our all, for the One who is our ALL. Hallelujah, thank you Jesus, you are worthy, of all honor, you are worthy of all praise. Here we are Lord, giving hearts and breath and life…. for You are worthy of the glory and the praise. It’s all about You Lord, all for You Lord, I surrender to Your love, as I pursue You and the rhythm of Your heart… for it calls me ever closer, ever deeper, ever higher into the One who loves me eternally. ♥

Are you having a God moment right now? I am! Whew! My heart is just bursting with Him and for Him. Wow Lord!! He is soooooo amazing! And His timing and purpose is always for His glory!!! I love Him soooooo very much ♥ Worship Him, praise Him, glorify Him!!! To God be all glory, honor and praise!!! My Lord and My God, you capture me, enrapture, consume me, and infill me, till I’m overflowing with You as Your presence envelopes me in the sweetness, the power, the preciousness of You. As you baptize me now, with the very essence, the very breath, the very heartbeat of You, and I am humble… so very humbled… and I surrender… I surrender to You, to Your love, to Your heart, to All and Everything that is You.

For Your pureness, Your Light, Your You, the I Am that I Am, embraces me, oh Lord, consumes me, that all I can do, all I want to do…. is take a deep breath, spread my wings and soar around You in Your holy temple, to soar around You, in the brilliance of You, in the warmth of Your love, and give You glory, give You praise, give You worship, because You my Lord, not only deserve it, but You are so worthy of it. Hallelujah!!! Hallelujah!!! Hallelujah Lord!!! 

(You know, all I said to my Lord was: I love You so much Lord, and He consumed me with His presence. Our God, He is soooo wonderful…. I love, I love, I love Him, forever ♥


Move along with Me- a step at a time, My Child. There are many exciting steps ahead. 

The steps of a good man or woman are ordered by the Lord. There will always be steps of joy and victory for you.

The KEY is to BE IN STEP with the Lord. As you step holy and sweetly and obediently in the Lord and in His Word, you will get in step with the Body of Christ, His people.

Step lively, My Child, in obedience when you hear My voice and know My word confirming -“step on.” Do not be depressed at the day we live in and the cruel steps the powerful people take in the world. KEEP in STEP with the Lord. Step in the LIGHT. Cover yourself with MY WORD. That’s YOUR ARMOR:

Remain in My sweet Spirit. I’ll give you wisdom and counsel in the night hours. Don’t let your heart faint in the days ahead. Be strong; be mighty and victorious in your God. Your steps are ordered aright by Me.

I love you


"I Am" the Lord thy God that healeth thee.

Agree with My Holy Spirit for your healing. 

Whatever you need healing for in your life, agree today with the Word of the Lord for your personal healing.  

I AM the Lord thy God that healeth thee.  It’s My greatest desire to heal your sickness.  My Son took your sickness upon that Cross, so many years ago.  By His stripes you are healed.  I sent My Word, My Son, and He healed you.  

This is your day, your hour for your healing. 

Ask Me that I might answer you and you will be full of joy.  Ask that you might receive that your joy will be made full.  This is your day.  I AM healing you now.

I love you

Your Father 

When I look into the sky, I see Your beauty, I see Your power, I see Your love…
When I look into the sky, I see Your greatness, I see Your vastness, I see Your eternity
When I look into the sky, I see You, because You are every where… and You are here… in my heart 
I love you Lord 
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When I look into the sky, I see Your beauty, I see Your power, I see Your love…

When I look into the sky, I see Your greatness, I see Your vastness, I see Your eternity

When I look into the sky, I see You, because You are every where… and You are here… in my heart 

I love you Lord 

‎”If you DARE TO BELIEVE, it is POWERFUL. God wants us to be powerful, a people of faith, a purified people, a people who will launch out in God and DARE TO TRUST HIM in glorious faith which always takes us beyond that which is commonplace to an ABIDING PLACE IN GOD.” Smiths Wigglesworth, A Living Faith, Glad Tidings Herald (New York City), February 1935.

DO YOU DARE… TO BELIEVE, TO TRUST IN HIM, WHO IS OUR LORD AND GOD? By faith Lord God, I dare to believe!!! We dare to BELIEVE!!!

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