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TO OUR GOVERNMENTAL LEADERS: What you do behind closed doors, God sees and knows.  What you do against the righteousness of God, is dangerous.  What your motive, agendas and intentions are, God sees right through your deceptions.  He is God, you are not.  You are in office to protect us, not to misuse your authority to “gain votes”.

TO OUR SPIRITUAL LEADERS:  Let us arise and STAND UP FOR THE RIGHTEOUSNESS OF GOD.  If we compromise, if we say nothing (especially when God says to speak His truth), then we are like the world.  But we need to choose by faith to speak His righteousness and truth with love even in the face of persecution.  Let us hold hands and hearts, and press in for our Nation and its people, let us press toward, let us run the race, let us fight the good fight, let us run the race for their are many lives to be saved in our Nation (and around the world).

Who will beseech God for our Nation and its people?  Who will press?  Who will seek after God’s mercy and grace?  Who will stand, kneel, lay before the Lord in intercession and prayer?  Will you?

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